Stop Self-Editing Your Spark

I’m Ready

To any woman who’s holding back from embracing her truest self: 

If you're on the verge of taking a WILD leap of faith, I'm here to ask "how high is this jump gonna take you?"

If you’re tired of the exhaustion, nagging self doubt, frozen in fear, numbed out hamster wheel of existence, I have the INVITATION you’ve been looking for. 

If you’ve been waiting for permission to become the wildest, truest most electric version of yourself, I’m giving it to you now. 

The world revolves around you, for real. 

You’re the backbone, the heart, the maestro of your family. You weave the very fabric that contains the world of your loved ones with so much tenderness and grace (even if it doesn’t always seem like it).

And for sure, you are blessed.

Yet, here you are wondering why it feels more like an impossible burden at times. Too often, actually. 

Why does every day feel like an uphill climb with your tank perpetually stuck in E?

Why do you feel guilty even thinking about wanting more?

And above all:

Why does this supposedly wonderful life you’ve created feel so suffocating and alienating? 

Because alongside all the blessings that come with being a woman, there’s a toll of self abandonment we all gotta reckon with. 

Maybe you’ve tried to make yourself more palatable and manageable by pretending you’re less radiant than you are (and to let everyone around you shine more brightly)... 

Maybe you’ve put your hopes, dreams and health at the back of the line to make sure everyone else is served first. 

The truth is:

Being a woman is a beautiful sacred gift, a POWERFUL one

So why do you feel so powerless?

and do that good ol’ good girl thing, slowly dim all the brightest and most vibrant parts of YOU.

I see you sister, and it’s totally okay to admit that you’ve been holding your truth back in fear of not rocking the boat. 

🌊But, it’s time to dive in: 

… to the subtle cries for help your body has been sending you…  

… to your innermost longings and boldest, brightest vision for your life…  

… to the BIG passionate life you haven’t let yourself lean & dream into for way too long. 

(The one your inner child whispered to you decades ago but you’ve let get so quiet you can barely even hear it anymore)...  

Maybe you’ve let the desire to feel safe, to provide for everyone around you –

The Raw, Real Women’s Circle

This is your invitation to return to your authentic nature with:  

An intimate group coaching container designed to heal your nervous system & claim your deepest truths. So you can bloom into your most vibrant, authentic self.

Take my hand and let's connect with your inner knowing to create sustainable change! 

I’m ready to dive in

“Before meeting with Hillary, I was feeling frustrated, beat up, and powerless when thinking about my future. Hillary listened and held space for me in such a loving and compassionate way. Her presence and kindness inspired me to offer these gifts to myself which was part of a big shift in my life. I now feel safe, empowered and confident moving forward. Hillary will definitely take you where you need to go.”

 – April W

How are you feeling these days?


If you’re like most women I know, you might be experiencing a crunchy combo of:

  • The unhinged desire to just BURN. IT. DOWN. (been there, felt that, no judgment here)
  • The bone deep ache that has you asking yourself, “What is wrong with me?” Is it anxiety? Depression? A hormone imbalance? Some kind of deficiency? Your google history goes on. 
  • Frustrated with your dear old pals caffeine, sugar, dairy and all your other old “feel good foods” that just don’t hit like they used to.  
  • Exhaustion, the kind you feel in your bones, and remains unchanged despite how much sleep you manage to get. 
  • Like YOU'RE a to-do-list slave who never ticks enough boxes for anyone in your life (yourself included)  
  • A feeling deep down that something has to change, like your subconscious is calling for a shift. A shift in realities, priorities and YOU. 
  • Feeling like you are on the EDGE of something, and like you just need one more nudge towards it before you JUMP!? Be it off a cliff or off the ship. You prefer for it to be a leap of faith that brings you so much closer to the life you’ve been dreaming of (the one where you feel confident, balanced, nourished, and whole)

It’s time to own the truth that you already know in your bones.

How? Bring it back to your body

You, in your truest form, are the only one qualified to be calling any of the shots in your life – BUT somewhere along the way… 

You may have lost the thread that leads to your inner child's heart strings… 

…. You might have lost your connection to who you truly are… 

The exhaustion, overwhelm, and guilt might have you feeling like you're not the magical powerhouse that you dreamed you'd be (or constantly pretend you are).

You might not even like yourself a whole lot right now. 

But that magical, powerful, passionate woman is in there. Sitting beside your inner child, glowering at you for putting her at the back of the line for so long, but sooooo willing to be LOVED up and invited to have a voice. Because, woman, she has some potent truths and so much love to share with you too.  

She knows you deserve to be cherished, nurtured and held with tender love and care. 

  • Put your health at the FRONT OF THE LINE, so you have the energy to feel freakin’ blessed again
  • Expand gently into all corners of yourself, with love, compassion, and forgiveness 
  • Shed habits of self-doubt, self-editing, self-sabotage, and self-abandonment
  • Reconnect with the version of yourself your inner child always hoped you would grow up to be
  • Release the programming of lies and self deception
  • Reset your nervous system and love up your body (with holistic, supportive lifestyle remedies) that will bring you deeply in touch with your intuition, your vibrant health, your wise woman wellness, and your utmost joy

Get ready! You are about to BLOOM into your most vibrant, true self and finally connect your mind and body in unified trust. 

I’m here to show you how to listen to her call, and how to love your whole self properly. It's time to:

Consider this the nudge you’ve been waiting for!

Step inside this 6 week adventure in healing.

Where you'll rediscover the version of YOU that isn't watered down. . . 
a.k.a. The woman you most LOVE to be. 
So you can live a life that feels truly your own. 

One that is big, bold and powerful.

Let’s Leap Together

The first thing I did was get sober. That’s a whole thing. 
Next, I discovered a program that completely rocked my world. 

Since then, I’ve been following the threads of healing into an expansion of myself that has my inner child giddy and running wild through the trees. 

I’ve found myself able to taper off of medications I thought I would never be free of, and I am shaking off social constraints in a way that would have Beyoncé clapping for ME. 

And a fun little fact about me is that I have spent the last almost two decades years as a teen and family therapist. So no matter how messy, deep, loud and terrifying you want to get… I can walk beside you and sit with you in all of your forms. With complete holding of wherever you are at.

You can’t shock me, sister.


Three years ago I was feeling frozen in a state of overwhelm, exhaustion and confusion. I had no idea what stone to turn or cliff to jump off of.  

This is your invitation to hold the hand of your inner child and tell her that she is safe to shine like a bright yellow wildflower. Shout her truth to the wind. And to fully shake things up. 

All parts of you deserve respect, compassion and prioritization..

It’s time to light a candle for yourself

Wondering if this intimate women's container is right for you?

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Approaches that try to numb you, keep you cozy in your comfort zone, or stuck in your good girl box will never satisfy the wild call of your soul

I'm a firm believer that the most toxic thing we ingest as a society, is the messaging that we are all sick and in desperate need of diagnosis. 

We are programmed to not trust ourselves and to seek inner peace outside of ourselves.

We are offered band aids in pill form, and end up on the diagnosis, prognosis, adjustment conveyor belt. 

We are the most medicated generation of all time AND YET, we are somehow the sickest.   

But the reality is that society is sick. 

The truth is:

🙅‍♀️Chances are you live in accordance to values that have been programmed into you, not values that come from your inner truth and knowing. 

🙅‍♀️ You've been sold lies about what will make you happy and healthy, and instead urged to maintain the status quo. Keeping you firmly trapped on the hamster wheel that is running you ragged.  

🙅‍♀️You have been led away from the age old knowledge that Food is Medicine! You are instead handed synthetic alternatives and over the counter solutions to things you could easily remedy with natural alternatives.   

And you’re about to get the protocols, procedures, and practices you need to regain control of your one precious life, woman.

If you’ve ever thought you were too much, too wild, or unbearable, I don’t just hold space for that gloriously wild and terrifying version of you – I celebrate her!

If you’ve felt too boxed in and are just so freaking tired from living a life that doesn’t LIGHT you up . . . I’m here to help you take an adventure-fueled exploration back home to your true essence.

🔥 So you can get back in touch with every part of yourself that society has told you needs to be quieter and more manageable. 
🔥 So you can reacquaint yourself with your abandoned inner child who has so much to express, share and create.
🔥 So you can feel like the woman you want to be in your relationships, at work, and you can even have a life of play.

So that you can listen to the song of your soul and let it lead you home

Join me on this revolutionary journey, your raw, real, authentic most beautiful self is waiting. 

A 6 week group coaching program to help you reclaim your health and personal power

Restore your health and your sense of self with two months of coaching and loving support. From rewiring your nervous system, to integrating your inner child and giving her a HUGE seat at the center of the table. 

Together we’ll dive into the depths of YOU to uncover and liberate your rawest, unfiltered self. Leading you to a place of inner connection and peace.  

Because you don’t need to jump off a cliff or burn it all down in order to make your life LIGHT you up. You just need to design your life around your inner child heart. We break it into bite sized pieces, allowing you room to tear it all down if you need to. I provide support, community and compassion every step of the way. 

The Raw, Real Women’s Circle

In order to hear the wild whisper and your inner child's longing, you need to take it home to your body. 

And together, we’ll move through a revolutionary holistic health protocol, Vital Mind Reset (aka VMR), a 44-day vision quest that is *clinically proven* to create extraordinary outcomes. 

From healing chronic illnesses, mental illnesses, and so much more. It sends your nervous system a signal of safety, which allows radical regeneration. SO you feel safe in your own skin, and you can come home to deep self trust and honor. 

An opening ceremony call with the group and myself, to introduce YOU and initiate the start of the adventure!

Weekly group coaching calls to check in and answer any questions, and tackle any roadblocks. Here’s where we begin to deconstruct the false social and personal constraints that have kept you from your truest self.

A Messaging Support System to ensure you never feel alone in the dark and any point during the transformation. 

Step by step guidance along the journey back to your most vital and radiant health, so you can get your life back! The way you want it.

Access to and guidance through the magical nervous system transformation that this clinically proven 44 day holistic lifestyle protocol provides. 

And most importantly, a safe space for you to fall apart as you connect your honest desires. This is a place for you to get messy and real, and I will sit with you while you take off the mask you’ve been conditioned to wear. 


You’ll get:

Weekly calls that get straight into the nitty gritty of the process. 

We are going to meet your needs head on and give you full permission to BE whoever you are, wherever you are at in your journey. 

There are no limits on this transformation, it is whatever you need it to be. I am here for it. 

The biggest transformation you will discover is the inherent trust in yourself that you will achieve through this program. 

You will discover an inner peace that will allow you to stop treading against the current. 

You will finally be able to enjoy the flow of life. 

And you will find that at last, it will be flowing in the direction of your soul's honest longing. 

A 44-day lifestyle program that's helped 1000s of people become healthier and happier without drugs. 

Unlike most holistic health diets and protocols, this protocol has literally made medical history with a landmark, randomized, controlled clinical trial and 1000s of success stories that demonstrate the power of lifestyle interventions to significantly relieve symptoms and improve quality of life in as little as 6 weeks.

Learn more about our revolutionary outcomes here. 





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Hillary is one of those women that you are both a little scared of and, at the same time, really want to be near. She knows something. You can feel it in her presence. And THAT can bring up fear or an exhale.

Fear, if you don’t want to see your shadows or relief that finally you will get a mirror of truth.
I admire women like Hillary. Women that choose to come in with massive fire. Massive light. She is not confused and she will not play along with anything that isn’t of Truth. Her being won’t let her. And that is why she is scary, powerful, and a beacon of light. That is why she is a healer.

What I also love about Hillary is that she has walked through the dark night herself and she will not judge you. She will not condemn you. She cannot. Because she too has been in those spaces and they have been her homecoming.

Equally, she will not allow you to play small or stay in the darkness. She is compelled to be the lighthouse that calls you forward. That is a gift to anyone that gets to be in her presence. Anyone that has the courage and self-love to be held by her.

- Jamie D.

Our intimate coaching container for deep transformation, wild woman in the making!

Instead of adding more onto your already heaping plate… together we are going to clear things off, one by one.  

Leaving you with a wonderfully honest and true blank slate.  
Onto which you can build yourself back up in whatever color, texture and volume the unfiltered version of you desires. 

This is a place to reconnect with every version of yourself, allowing space for forgiveness and acceptance. 

A place to take time and care while decoding your deepest emotions and triggers.. 

We will slowly identify all the things that are hindering your healing. We will detoxify your life from the inside out, by incorporating holistic approaches that are scientifically proven to improve your quality of life. 

Here is where will we find the keys to unlocking the truest you

Claim your spot inside 


I’ve been working with teens and families for 20 years. The lessons I have learned, through the people I have worked with, will stay with me forever.

This work has been a GIFT and I know for sure, that for as much as I have given, I have also received. 

I have worked in the depths of “complex and chronic”mental health. And I know what works and doesn’t work. The true medicine is and will always be CONNECTION. The connection to self, to your inner child, God, to nature, to movement, to real food and to community. 

This work has been the grittiest, liveliest, heal my own inner child work there could be. We’ve all got these inner parts, we’ve shoved down and ignored. And Woman, they are ready to come out and be held.

That’s what I’m here for. 
That’s my magic. 🪄

And I’m PUMPED that you’re here. 

Hey woman, it’s Hillary. 

I’m funny. That's important. 

I am a Mama, to two beautiful little human beings.

I lift! That's right. Sometimes some gangster rap and a good sweat is what makes me feel most ALIVE. *this is something I had to rediscover after motherhood, and GAWD it felt good to be back in the gym.* 

You can often find me sitting on the edge of the river near where I live. Or in the forest with twigs in my hair. A lot of my best work with clients has been done by the edge of the river. I think nature is so important in the healing process. 

All the biggest decisions in my life have been made by my heart, I always lean into what I feel, rather than what's rational. 

I want to be remembered as the wild woman that was totally okay with being wild. And that wildness was contagious. And all the other village women were infected by the Wild Hillary and we took over the world. Mwahah. 
Just a few years ago I found myself wandering through life, looking for different things that might lift the overwhelm I felt. Looking for things that would reignite the spark I had when I was a child. I was desperate to break out of the fog that I had somehow found myself in. And when Vital Mind Reset (the procedures and protocols I’ll coach you through) came into my view, it was the magic wand moment I had been waiting for. 

*Some not so boring things about me*

* A bit about my journey into my wild * 

It ticked all the boxes for me, and I am forever grateful to have found it when I did. 

When the opportunity to coach other people through VMR came up, I jumped. Both feet, head first and I am going to be screaming “YOU get VMR, YOU get VMR, YOU get VMR” till the day earth takes me back home. 

* My Mission With This Program * 

Is to set women free! I want to help women to feel free in their body and mind. I want to help them find ease in meeting their needs and living out their truest desires. 

I truly thrive sitting alongside someone in the mess of it. 

I communicate in BIG, bold ways. 

I say the things that feel uncomfortable, terrifying and wild. 

I show up unapologetically as myself and never pretend to be something I am not… and I hope it sets the stage for you to do the same. 

This is where my magic happens. In my years as a therapist, I have achieved moments of unbelievable connection and joy with people who never thought that they could. 

This happens when you tap into the true nature of someone, and allow them space to feel it, and truly BE. 

I am ready to help you rewire your nervous system. I am ready to help you leave “numb, fine, merely surviving” for good. We will help your body discover safety, and it will begin to heal. You will find yourself able to connect and love every corner of your being. 

I cannot wait to begin this journey with you, 
Let's get it, wild woman. 

Here’s to being you,


P.S. If you’re looking for credentials, I’ve got you, sister! 

On top of being a Vital Mind Reset coach, I’m also a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with a Masters in Counseling Psychology from the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology AND the owner of a blossoming, heart centered mental health services agency. 

It was SCIENCE, it was FEELING, and it was 100% holistic healing. 

Not sure if this adventure in healing is right for you?

  • Looking to surround yourself with other bold women who are ready to REBOOT and REVIVE their inner wild child. 
  • Feeling the dreamy, subconscious pull towards something bigger, deeper, and truer to you. 
  • DONE with the brain fog, the fatigue, and the flippity floppity dissociative/anxious hamster wheel you’re stuck on.   
  • Ready to forgive, embrace and encourage allllll parts of your fine self and let her find the clarity, confidence and passion she deserves in life. 
  • Already living that holistic life, OR have been wanting to transition into it - You’re ready to hear all about the delicious, healthier options, or expand your already fabulous regiment. 
  • Questioning big pharma’s integrity, mainstream media’s impact on society, or wanting to kick consumerism to the curb. 
  • Ready to be the magnetic, magical WILD WOMAN you see in your dreams. 

You’re ready to answer the call if you are:

Create an unshakable trust in yourself. 

Discover a knowing of yourself that will allow you to care for your body and your mind, fully and completely. 
Allow your body and mind to become connected at last, and exist as lifelong companions, guiding you into a life that fills you with light, love and passion. 
One designed by your own clarity, compassion and curiosity. 
Say goodbye to shame, doubt, anxiety and depression.

I am so dang excited to meet you and be by your side as you rock this next phase of your life.

A trust that can't be unlearned or broken.

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